What Is A Car Fire Blanket?

what is a car fire blanket?

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With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), ensuring fire safety has become even more critical. What is a car fire blanket? It is a specialized safety device designed to control and suppress fires that occur in vehicles, including EVs. This article explores the definition, purpose, materials, size, and significance of car fire blankets, emphasizing their importance in promoting vehicle fire safety, particularly in electric vehicles.

What is a car fire blanket?

A car fire blanket is a specially designed safety device used to suppress and control fires that occur in vehicles. It acts as a protective barrier, limiting the spread of flames and reducing damage. Car fire blankets are particularly relevant in electric vehicles, where unique fire risks and suppression requirements exist.

Materials and Construction

Car fire blankets are constructed using fire-resistant materials such as fiberglass or silica fabric. These materials possess excellent heat resistance properties and can withstand high temperatures without catching fire. Considering the specific fire risks associated with electric vehicles, car fire blankets are designed to handle fires involving lithium-ion batteries effectively.

Suntex Composite is not only the manufacturer of car fire blankets, but also the manufacturer of fire-resistant materials. That helps Suntex that can control quality and cost in a perfect balance. What’s more, Suntex is the leader in high-temperature fabrics, so they know how to choose the materials for car fire blankets.

Size and Dimension

Car fire blankets come in various sizes, typically large enough to cover a significant portion of a vehicle, including EVs. The dimensions of car fire blankets may vary, but they are carefully chosen to ensure adequate coverage of the fire and surrounding areas to suppress the flames effectively.

Regular sizes are 6*9m or 6*8m, but Suntex can also make it in other sizes to meet different requirements, like electric forklifts, batteries, flammable zones, etc

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Features and Design Elements

Car fire blankets often incorporate features like handles or pull cords along the edges or corners. Normally, there are 4 handles, but 6 or 8 handles are also available in Suntex. These features facilitate easy deployment and positioning, allowing quick and safe coverage of the vehicle during an emergency. Reflective strips may also be included to enhance visibility in low-light situations. That depends on customers’s demands.

Deployment and Usage

Using a car fire blanket in the event of a vehicle fire, including in electric vehicles, requires proper technique and caution. Guidelines for deployment and usage should be followed to ensure effectiveness and personal safety.

For more details of usage, you can click here.

Safety Considerations and Limitations

While car fire blankets are effective for small to moderate fires, it is important to understand their limitations. Larger or uncontrollable fires require professional assistance and prioritizing personal safety. Regular maintenance and inspection of car fire blankets are advised to ensure their readiness for emergencies.

Suntex Composite Co., Ltd, the truly qualified manufacturer of car fire blankets.

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