How to use a car fire blanket? -5 Steps to handle it fast.

Easily control fires with a car fire blanket in 4 simple steps. Safely suppress flames with just two individuals.

Step 1. Pulling Out Car Fire Blanket

Quickly pulling out the car fire blanket from the carrying bag. Which has rope in the top, should release it firstly.  

Do not get too close to the car when pulling out the blanket. A car on fire is very dangerous and the blanket should be pulled out in a safe place.

Step 2. Unfolding Blanket

Unfold the car fire blanket: Remove it from its storage location/carrying bag and unfold it fully, ensuring it is free of any obstructions or tangles.

When unfolding the car fire blanket, be cautious not to tangle the handles together to avoid difficulty in separating them, which could delay the rescue operation.

Step 3. Grabing Handles

There are a total of four handles on the car fire blanket blanket, with one at each corner. It requires a minimum of two individuals to grab the handles at the corners of the shorter sides, quickly lift the blanket, and cover the vehicle that is on fire.

The car fire blanket should be elevated as much as possible before dragging it to cover the burning vehicle. If it is not elevated sufficiently, there is a high chance that the blanket will get caught at the front of the vehicle, making it difficult to continue dragging.

Step 4. Covering the Fire Vehicle

Drag the car fire blanket and completely cover the burning vehicle with it.

Do not overdrag the car fire blanket to prevent parts of the vehicle from being uncovered and exposed again.

Step 5. Wrap the Corners of Vehicle

After the car fire blanket has completely covered the vehicle, try to wrap the blanket around the car as much as possible to isolate the air.

When there are significant flames on the vehicle, exercise caution as there is a risk of explosion. It may be advisable to skip this step or utilize long tools to accomplish it safely.

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