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Who is Suntex Composite? Why they are the leading manufacturer of car fire blankets? Know more about us on this page.

Who we are?

Founded in 2004, Suntex is Chinese leading manufacture of wide range of high quality coated textiles using fiberglass as a base material for high temperature resistance and fire protection applications.

The car fire blanket is one of Suntex's important products, made of high-temperature textiles, and also produced by Suntex.

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Why choose Suntex?

  • The biggest one in China for high temperature textiles.
  • Over 20 years experience in high temperature & heat resistant textiles field.
  • ISO9001:2015 recognized.
  • TUV/BV audited company.
  • China High-tech Enterprise recognized.
  • All materials for car fire blankets are certificated by SGS, LNE(France) following EN13501-1.
  • Owned factory for high temperature textiles as the raw materials for car fire blankets.




square meters of production capacity per year


square meters of production space

600 milion

dollars of registered capital


in China for high temperature textiles


customers worldwide

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How Suntex makes a car fire blanket?

Suntex as the leading manufacturer of high temperature textiles, controls the whole supply chain of car fire blankets, from raw yarn of fabric to the final product, we don't miss any points.
That makes us to be a leader of car fire blankets.

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Melting Spining

Glass balls melt when heated, transforming into a molten state. Through a process called melt spinning, the molten glass is extruded into fine fibers that solidify, forming continuous glass fiber yarn.



To weave fiberglass fabric, fiberglass yarn is interlaced using a loom. The warp and weft yarns are woven together in a pattern, creating a strong and durable fabric commonly used in various industries.



Fiberglass fabric can be coated with materials by applying the coating using techniques like dip-coating, spray-coating, or roll-coating. The fabric is then cured or dried to create a protective and functional coating layer. Suntex Composite is the leading manufacturer for it.


Inspecting Fabrics

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Testing Fabrics

For each batch of material produced, Suntex will take it to its own laboratory for testing to make sure that the material meets the requirements through combustion test, temperature resistance test, strength test, wear resistance test, and so on.


Cutting Fabrics

Suntex uses automatic cutting machines to cut coated fiberglass fabric. The machine is programmed with precise dimensions and patterns, and it swiftly cuts the fabric accordingly, ensuring accurate and efficient results.


Making Blankets

Suntex has an experienced team of product makers, which produces blankets that are widely acclaimed. Even Japanese customers are very impressed.


Inspecting Blankets

Whenever a blanket is made, Suntex's quality control spreads it out and inspects it carefully.


Folding and Packing

After the inspection, the Suntex team will fold the blanket and place it in a clear plastic bag. Then, depending on the requirements, different types of packaging are chosen, such as PVC bags or cardboard boxes.

Suntex Composite Co., Ltd, the truly qualified manufacturer of car fire blankets.

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